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This column is interactive.

Here we publish answers on letters of the site visitors, addressed to the Head of State institution.

If you want your letter to be considered you should stick to the set rules:

- you must fill in all the margins of the suggested pattern pointing your

1) second name, first name, father’s name

2) e-mail that will help to contact with you if necessary

- a letter must include only one question which is asked laconically and to the point. The volume of the text is limited by 1000 symbols (20 lines).

- you must create the appropriate category for questions relating to a particular topic, which you can choose in the given form.

- If you do not know how to categorize a question, create it in the category “Other”.

- questions should not focus on other regions of the country;

- a question should not be set in a violent manner, using foul language.

We recommend you to read the published answers, since duplicate questions, which don’t require precise definition or addition to the given information in connection with the new addresses could be dismissed from consideration.

Addresses with the large number of spelling errors and written with capital letters are not considered. Site moderator can delete tactless address.

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